Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Beach Time

For as much as we go to the beach, you sure wouldn't know it by my lack of photos. I guess that's the downside to having a nice camera, I never want to throw it in my sandy beach bag! Luckily, I managed to get a few photos of our outings to the beach this summer!
McKenzie looking like a So. Cal beach babe!

Maggie and her cousin Grace
Grandma & Grandpa visit the beach! It was a beautiful day at Emerald Bay!

Fun with Friends

Jill, Kim and I channeling our alter-ego's?
McKenzie has GREAT friends!

Visiting an 'old' friend!
Deborah and I were partners in crime in college! The fun ended when she got married after our freshman year, but it was better for my GPA that she got married!

Easter in Utah

Maggie had an Easter Egg Hunt at school

We woke up Easter morning to SNOW!!
The kids were concerned about how that was going to effect Grandma and Grandpa's famous Easter Egg Hunt. Luckily, most of the snow melted by the afternoon!

Family Picture in California the week before Easter
The big cousin Easter Egg Hunt at Grandma & Grandpa Anderson's with all the cousins!


We went to Utah in February for Mom and Dad's Homecoming Report. It was a whirlwind of a weekend, but we managed to slip in some old fashioned Anderson FUN!
We took all the kids to Soldier Hollow for sledding, and they Loved it! They played with their cousins all day in the snow, it was sheer heaven for these California Cuties!

Our little Family
(Maggie was wearing Logan's old clothes and someone called her 'Dude'~ I wasn't happy! I guess next winter, we'll have to break down and buy the pink snow suit!)
This is almost everyone.
All the Anderson Girls...
Brittany, Ashley, Kristin, Me, Tiffany, Betty and Mykelle
Friday night when we arrived, we dropped the kids off to hang out with their cousins and the adults all went out to dinner. It was so much fun to be with just the adults. That rarely happens since we are usually planning activities to get the kids together. I love my Family!

We're Back!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Our Trip to Singapore/Bali

The Day after Christmas, we took McKenzie, Brigham and Tanner and flew to Singapore to visit my mom and dad who are Public Affairs Missionaries for Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. It was an amazing trip to meet the people they have grown to love while serving there. We also got to go to Bali for a few days for some welcomed R&R. It was an amazing vacation!
This is the church building on Bukit Timah Road.

Touring Singapore and visiting their symbol~ the Merlion

Visiting the Raffles Hotel. It's a landmark in Singapore. It was a former Plantation Home owned by the Raffles family. This doorman is almost as famous as the hotel, and if your not a guest at the hotel, he doesn't let you even enter the posh hotel.

Trying our luck at the "Fountain of Wealth"
Lunch overlooking the Kintamani volcano and Lake Batur

Here McKenzie and I are at the Rice Terraces in Bali. They are beautiful.
The boys and I at Tanah Lot. One of the Holy Temple sights in bali for the Hindu Religion.
Mom and Dad at LeMeridian looking onto Tanah Lot

If you have read 'Eat, Pray, Love' this is the home of Ketut Leyer the Medicine Man

Monkey Forest. Dan had a monkey jump out of a tree and onto his shoulder!
Grandpa coaching Brigham on how to feed a monkey!

Dan got to fulfill the dream of surfing in Bali
This was our beautiful villa in the middle of a rice patty field. It was incredible! We felt so spoiled with a butler, a cook and a staff at our disposal.
It was incredibly HOT in Bali. We were greeted at our Villa with these refreshing drinks and fried bananas every night~ we loved it!

New Years Eve Dinner with Paul and Nicole. Mom and Dad's friends from Rwanda.
Our favorite store in Sigapore became the bangle store in Little India. We loved how Sheila worked her magic and created fun bangles with these beautiful colors!
Mom and Dad took us on a morning walk through the beautiful Botanical Gardens

This trip was amazing. We had so much fun, met so many wonderful people, and had such unique experiences that it will be a vacation our whole family will remember forever. The kids loved it, and although Tanner wasn't a fan of Bali and all the Hindu practices of worshiping idols, masks and burning incense, the people we met truly touched our hearts. We loved them.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Maggie met Santa

Well, we've hit a mile-stone this year. Maggie was so afraid of Santa last year that I couldn't even walk down the wing of the mall where he was because she would scream! 
Jenny Mason called and asked if we could bring Maggie to take photos with Santa for marketing. I was excited for the opportunity to have her photos take with Santa, but also worried that Maggie would repeat last year and be so afraid of him that she wouldn't get near him.
Luckily, we had a week's notice, so I spent the week reminding Maggie how 'nice' Santa is, and that he brought her her pink kitchen last year (she just remembers he took away her binkies to get the kitchen- that also made me more worried she wouldn't like him!) I also told her that if she wasn't afraid of him and took pictures with him on his lap, that he would give her a candy cane and a present!
The things this girl will do for sugar....  at the end of the photo shoot, Santa gave her a purple Barbie, but she asked him for a candy cane! Luckily he had one, she may not have forgiven him if he hadn't had one!! The photo shoot was great, Maggie now has overcome her fear of Santa, and we ended up with these Fabulous photos!!  Thank You Jenny Mason!!